Imeila Fonua

Imeila Fonua is a Senior Technical Recruiter who focuses on filling mid-level technical roles in a number of industries. He has extensive experience in this field. It is up to him to locate potential applicants who meet the requirements. When he first started out in the workforce more than five years ago, he worked as a technical recruiter with the primary objective of achieving demonstrable results for both nearshore and offshore talent. He is now working at Meta in his capacity as an employee.

Imeila Fonua has an exceptional history of working for respected companies and fast ascending to positions that contain increasing degrees of responsibility. This has allowed Imeila Fonua to accumulate a significant amount of professional experience. In the past, he has worked in the recruitment industry as both a Senior Technical Recruiter and an Account Executive. He is now working as an Account Executive for the company. Imeila's coworkers and superiors have, throughout the course of his career, consistently lauded his sales, leadership, and organizational abilities, as well as his commitment to conceiving of original approaches to resolving issues. They have done this for a variety of reasons, including his ability to come up with creative solutions to problems.

The major objective of the online publishing company known as Meta is to build technologies that make it easier for users to communicate socially with one another online. In addition to working with social media platforms that are already well-established, the company is also at the forefront of inventing inventive new ways in which people may engage with one another via the use of augmented and virtual reality.

The diverse range of life experiences that Imeila Fonua has had, in addition to his extensive list of successes, are assets that he brings to each and every project that he does. Employers have consistently lauded him as a hard worker of the highest caliber and a capable leader who has the ability to elevate the standard of any given place of employment. The fact that Mr. Fonua has in the past had great success as a Technical Recruiter says a lot about who he is as a person.

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